Cambridge Wisconsin

Cambridge Wisconsin is a picturesque town located 30 minutes east of Madison WI and just north of Janesville WI. With unique artisan shops and restaurants, right on Lake Ripley, Cambridge offers great schools and activities for all ages. Lake Ripley is a glacier lake with crystal clear water and beautiful homes all around the lake.Cambridge Wisconsin is located 30 minutes east of Madison Wisconsin

Masonry and Chimney Services

Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair offers a complete array of services in Cambridge, including chimney cleaning and inspections, masonry work on chimneys, relining and installing gas inserts, outdoor fireplaces to enhance and extend the beautiful warm seasons enjoyed by the residents in Wisconsin. Cambridge Winery and Rowe Pottery are great places to visit.


Services we offer

Chimney Services

First, we offer great chimney services. Our employees are the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) certified. This means that we have access to all the latest techniques and tools, and the education to use them. All of our employees are CSIA certified, so you’ll be guaranteed to have excellent service and the answers to your questions. We believe that learning is ongoing, and we take advantage of the conventions and educational opportunities offered so that our technology and practices stay cutting-edge. This includes inspection techniques, cleaning, repairs, and rebuild work. If there?s something wrong with your chimney, we’ll fix it! It’s what we do.

Preventative Services

We also offer preventative work to fix repairs before they turn into expensive headaches! Leaky chimneys can cause a lot of damage so we offer chimney sealing and waterproofing services to prevent the leaks. We can reline your chimney, making sure that there is a good fit so that your combustion byproducts are safely directed outdoors through the chimney and that your fireplace is burning as efficiently as possible. Any chimney parts that might be damaged can easily be replaced or repaired by our capable crew, from the firebox all the way up to the chimney crown and cap. And if you’re looking for something new, whether that’s an appliance or a chimney part, we offer great products from top brands, all at reasonable prices.