From Big To Small, Jiminy Chimney Can Take Care Of Your Chimney & Fireplace Repair Needs

Fireplace Repairs

Are you seeing falling or loosening bricks on your chimney? Are cracks showing up in the mortar joints of your fireplace or chimney? Has your firebox developed holes and gaps?

Chimney Issues

Water damage, chimney fires, poor installation, and improper care can all lead to deteriorating masonry work, smoke problems, chimney leaks, and other fireplace and chimney issues. Leaving the problem unaddressed only further exacerbates the problem, resulting in more costly, time-consuming repairs. But those of us here at Jiminy Chimney can help.

Firebox Repair and Rebuild
Smoke Chamber Repair
Chimney Repair

We perform expert chimney scans and inspections and can give you a detailed analysis of your chimney and fireplace so you know where repairs are needed. From crown repair and masonry waterproofing to fireplace remodels and firebox rebuilds, at Jiminy Chimney, we offer a number of professional chimney and fireplace repair services:

  1. Fireplace Repair & Remodel – Is your fireplace smoke-stained, damaged, or simply dated and unattractive? Whether you need repairs made, stains removed, or you’d like to have your entire fireplace revamped and reimagined, we can help. We can replace old, weathered brick with beautiful, natural stone, or use a unique brick pattern to customize your fireplace. If you simply need receding mortar joints tuckpointed or brick replaced, we can help with that, too. Learn more here.
  2. Firebox Repair & Rebuild – The firebox can really take a beating over time. But when cracks and holes develop in mortar joints and brick begins to crack or deteriorate, we can help. From repairs to full firebox rebuilds, we do it all. Click here for more on our firebox rebuild and repair services.
  3. Smoke Chamber Repair – Is your smoke chamber encouraging proper venting or preventing it? Our team fills and seals cracks and gaps within smoke chambers and parges deteriorating and corbelled smoke chambers smooth for fast, effective venting. Find out more about this important service here.
  4. Leaky Chimneys – A leaky chimney isn’t just an inconvenience. It’s something that must be addressed ASAP. The source of the leak isn’t always easy to identify, but our experts can help. We have decades of chimney leak resolution experience and will check all of the common culprits, including the masonry, the cap, the flashing, and the crown. From tuckpointing and brick replacement to flashing repair and crown repair, whatever services are needed to put a stop to the leak, we take care of it. We also offer masonry waterproofing services to help prevent future water damage and chimney leaks. Learn more.
  5. Chimney Crown Repair – Crowns are meant to protect the chimney and keep water out of the chimney, masonry, and the vulnerable area where the chimney extends past the roofline. But unfortunately, crowns can develop cracks or holes, or deteriorate prematurely due to low-quality materials and poor installation. If your crown is doing a poor job and could use some repair work, we can help. Find out how here!
  6. Chimney Repair & Rebuild – Even the best chimneys sometimes need repairs, and we can help. We specialize in chimney repairs and rebuilds and stand behind our work, each and every time. Whether you?ve experienced a chimney fire, have a leaning chimney, or need a good deal of tuckpointing and brick replacement work done, we can help. Learn more here.

Our team of masonry experts is ready to address any chimney problem your home may be experiencing.? Contact us today by calling 847-893-0063 or request an appointment online!

Whether you’re thinking about adding a stove, a gas insert or even an outdoor fireplace, call on Jiminy Chimney for all your fireplace sales and installations.