Trust Your Smoke Chamber Repairs To Jiminy Chimney

What makes the fireplace so great is that it provides us with all the benefits of the fire like the warmth and beauty without the smoke and toxic gases. These byproducts are vented through the chimney so that our air supply remains clean and we can enjoy nights spent by the fireside.

Smoke Chamber Repair
But when damage occurs in the system, our enjoyment and safety can be compromised, especially if smoke is flooding the home instead of going up and out of the chimney. Sound familiar? If smoke is flooding your home when you light a fire, and your damper is open and working properly, there?s a good chance your smoke chamber is in need of repair.

The smoke chamber is the upturned funnel below the chimney flue that funnels smoke and byproducts from the fireplace up into the flue. When smooth and sealed, the smoke chamber ensures a swift journey for smoke and gases; but time and heat, as well as design, can affect just how fast these byproducts travel.

We often find holes, cracks, gaps, and deterioration throughout the smoke chamber, which can slow the smoke and byproducts, allowing them to seep into those holes and gaps, or linger in the smoke chamber and waft back into the home. Additionally, many smoke chambers are designed with corbelled steps, which can become jagged and create resistance to smoke and byproducts on their journey up and out of the chimney.

We are here to help you get more enjoyment from your fireplace, year after year!

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