Keeping Chimneys Clean For More Than 35 Years!

Whether you have a wood stove, a gas insert, or an oil appliance, regular chimney cleanings should be a part of your home maintenance plan. Why? No matter what fuel you rely on, byproducts can build up and obstruct your chimney and your risk of chimney fire can increase. But a dirty chimney isn’t just dangerous, it’s inefficient and can interfere with the overall enjoyment of your fireside experience.

Chimney Cleaning

In some cases, a dirty chimney may present itself in the form of smoke problems, unsightly soot,  poor air quality, or unpleasant odors. But symptoms aren’t always so obvious. That’s why regular inspections are so vital. When you keep up with annual inspections, you’ll know whether or not your chimney and fireplace or stove need a cleaning.

Not sure if it’s time to schedule your next chimney cleaning? Request an inspection! Our technicians will perform a thorough video scan inspection of your chimney system and let you know if there is soot and creosote buildup caked along your flue walls, smoke shelf, and firebox.

You Can Count On Us To Provide A Thorough Cleaning, Every Time

At Jiminy Chimney, we guarantee a thorough, quality chimney cleaning with every visit. During the sweep process, we will remove creosote and other buildups from the chimney walls using specialized tools and equipment. Worried about loosened dust and buildup? A chimney cleaning may sound messy, but with Jiminy Chimney on the job, you can rest assured your home will remain clean and protected. We’ll carefully contain any and all residue we loosen during the sweeping process. Working efficiently and neatly, our technicians treat every home as if it were their own.

Don’t Wait!  Schedule Your Chimney Sweeping Today

Don?t wait until colder weather hits to schedule your chimney sweeping call Jiminy Chimney at 847-893-0063 or request an appointment online! Get your home winter-ready so you can relax. We’re here to serve you, wherever you live in the greater Chicago area, so call on the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified sweeps at Jiminy Chimney today! We clean chimneys of all types and ages.

 Our chimney and venting services include complete chimney scans and inspections so we can accurately determine the health and condition of your chimney system.