Dryer Vents Need Love, Too!

Most people don’t think of dryer vents and chimneys going together, but here at Jiminy Chimney, it’s a natural fit! Both involve knowledge of venting operations and venting issues, and we have the tools and expertise to clean and care for both. That’s why we proudly offer our customers in Kenilworth, Winnetka, Algonquin, Glenview, Lake Forest, and beyond professional dryer vent cleaning services, in addition to our chimney and fireplace services. By providing expert (and mess-free) dryer vent cleanings, we’re able to help lower fire and carbon monoxide risks for our neighbors, while simultaneously boosting energy-savings and efficiency.

Why Are Dryer Vent Cleanings Important?

If you’ve ever (and we hope you have!) cleaned out your dryer’s lint trap, you know how quickly lint, dust, and debris can accumulate. But your vents don?t have the luxury of being cleaned after each and every load of laundry. Over time, lint can clog the venting system and reduce airflow, leading to longer load dry times and hotter temperatures. With a clogged dryer vent, you’ll waste energy and time, and increase your risk of a house fire, as lint is highly flammable. Additionally, clogged vents can contribute to carbon monoxide levels in the air supply of your home, and cause premature wear and tear on your clothes dryer. But we can help!

We use specialized brushes and tools to loosen buildup along the venting walls and safely remove and contain debris. We’ll also check the termination cap and make sure no animals or birds are getting inside. Our expertise and equipment allow us to guarantee professional, effective, mess-free service, each and every time.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

When Are Dryer Vent Cleanings Needed?

There isn’t a hard and fast rule for when dryer vent cleanings are needed. If your dryer sees a lot of use, you may need more frequent dryer vent cleanings than someone whose dryer sees very little use. One way to tell if a dryer vent cleaning is needed is to have the venting inspected by a professional. We can scan the interior of the vent and check for buildup. You can also be on the lookout for some tell-tale signs like these:

  • Longer dry cycles needed to sufficiently dry clothes
  • Clothes and dryer are hotter to the touch than normal after a cycle
  • Odors or lint accumulation around the dryer and venting

If you think it may be time to have your dryer vents inspected and cleaned, call Jiminy Chimney at 847-893-0063 or fill out our online appointment request form. We’re here to help!

Our chimney and vent services include chimney cleanings which should be done regularly to keep your chimney in safe operating condition. Call us today!