When you live in Wisconsin, you understand what it is to be surrounded by beautiful scenery. If you love to swim, ski, paddleboard, kayak, or any other water activity, there?s plenty of lake to enjoy yourself. Is hiking more your thing? Surrounded by wooded areas and bluffs, Lake Geneva is beautiful any time of year, but especially in the fall when the leaves change color. To really get a view of the beauty in Lake Geneva, take a canopy tour on a zipline! But although living in southern Wisconsin is great for those who love to be outdoors, Lake Geneva also has museums, wineries, antiquing, and all types of shops to visit, and when you?re ready to take a break, stop in one of their many bars or restaurants, take a load off your feet, and enjoy time visiting with your loved ones while you savor the tasty cuisine. Sound like a good time? It will be! Fall is a great time to be enjoying these activities, and the only thing that will really make it better is knowing that your fireplace has been maintained so that when you get home and want to relax in front of a crackling fire, you?ll know you?re safe from any of the dangers a dirty chimney may hold. If you haven?t already done so, autumn is also a great time to give Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair a call and set up an appointment for all your chimney and fireplace maintenance needs.

Getting Rid of that Creosote

One thing that we?ll be doing is getting rid of any creosote buildup that you have in your chimney. Creosote, a natural byproduct of smoke, is also highly flammable, and even an eighth of an inch can catch a spark and start a nasty chimney fire. Not only that, creosote has a nasty odor that can really permeate your carpeting, drapes, or cushions. We have the tools to do a video inspection on your chimney, so we?ll spot any creosote that is hiding in your chimney, then we have the equipment to get that creosote out as well.

Stop Leaking

Another thing that we?ll be looking for is areas that are leaking. It?s important to catch leaks because water leaking down your chimney can wear away at the mortar, weakening the structure and causing possible areas where gases can leak back into your home, affecting the health of your family.

Call the Right Crew

Just as with any job in your home, it?s important to call in the right crew to do the job, and when it comes to your chimney, the right crew is the workers at Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair. They have over thirty years in the chimney sweep business, and they are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America, which gives them access to all the top education and updates the industry can offer. Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair?will give you the best work in the business!