Convert To Convenience With A Gas Log Set!

So you love your wood-burning fireplace and cherish it for the beauty and charm that it provides your space. But you just wish it required less maintenance and less effort. If you’re tired of all the work involved and just want to be able to enjoy a fire at the end of a long day, you might want to consider having a gas log set installed.

The team of certified professionals here at Jiminy Chimney have converted countless wood-burning fireplaces to gas-burning in the greater Chicago area. We love getting our customers set up so they can enjoy all the convenience of a gas fireplace, without the cost of construction or replacement. When you convert to gas using gas logs, you’ll still gather around the same beautiful hearth you’ve come to love and treasure without so much work!

Gas Log Set on fire

Modern Gas Logs Feature Beauty & Realism Like Never Before

Homeowners are often surprised to see how far gas log sets have come in terms of appearance. In the past, many log sets looked phony and unattractive, but today’s gas logs are more beautiful and authentic-looking than ever. Most are cast from real logs and hand-painted and detailed to achieve the most realistic results. So if looks have kept you from considering converting your fireplace to gas, it’s time to take another look.

We offer our customers the highest-quality, most beautiful vented and vent-free gas log sets from top brands like Majestic, Heatilator, Napoleon, White Mountain Hearth, and Hargrove. From traditional oak styles to pine, driftwood, and campfire styles, there’s a gas log set for every design aesthetic and feel. Just let us know what your heating needs are and what style you?re looking for and we’ll help you find just the right set. And since we’re trained and certified professionals, you don’t have to worry about improper installation,  we’ll make sure your new set is in properly and ready to be enjoyed.

What Are You Waiting For? Let Jiminy Chimney Get You Set Up Right!

Need to take the chill off in the morning while you read the paper and savor your morning brew? Simply flip the switch or hit your remote and relax in front of a warming and comforting fire. Sound appealing? Call Jiminy Chimney at 847-893-0063 and schedule an appointment to have your fireplace converted to gas using gas logs. We’ll help you every step of the way from selecting the perfect log set to installation and tips on use! Give us a call today! We also offer online appointment requests just click here!


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