Lock-Top Dampers

Is keeping cold air from coming down into your home through the chimney an ongoing battle? Has a broken damper made enjoying a smoke-free fire impossible?

Jiminy Chimney has helped to alleviate these problems for many of our neighbors on the North Shore of Chicago, Crystal Lake,  Sleepy Hollow, Algonquin, Elgin,  Woodstock and the surrounding areas by installing a lock-top damper.

Locktop Dampers

A lock-top damper is designed to close the flue when you want to keep outside air outside and open up the flue so that smoke and byproducts can exit when you have a fire going. But unlike traditional throat dampers, lock-top dampers sit at the top of the flue, like a chimney cap.

Lock-top dampers are easy to use simply pull the chain or lever just inside your firebox to open and close the flue.

Lock-Top VS Traditional Throat Dampers – Which Is Better?

Why are Lock-Top Dampers preferred?

  • First things first, they offer greater protection to the chimney system. Because they close off the flue at the top of the chimney, lock-top dampers prevent water, animals, birds, and debris from accessing the flue.
  • Secondly, lock-top dampers provide a better seal than throat dampers, which means they are more effective at keeping outside air out and offer more energy savings.
  • Third, lock-top dampers serve two functions –  they act as both dampers and chimney caps, which means you?ll only need to invest in one.

Ready To Start Saving? Call Jiminy Chimney!

If your throat damper is broken, rusted, or simply needs to be replaced, or if you’re looking to cut down on energy waste and reduce drafts and conditioned air loss, give us a call at 847-893-0063!  We can attest to the many benefits of a lock-top damper and answer any questions you may have about how these long-lasting and effective components work.

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