It pays to get some things accomplished before the snow flies. You?ll want your car tuned up and outfitted with a snow survival kit, your lawn raked and outdoor equipment stored away, and your summer toys, like your camper, canoe, and kayak, cleaned out and put away for the winter. Another thing you?ll want to do is make sure that your chimney is ready for the cold weather. If you haven?t had your chimney inspected and cleaned yet, givman looking inside chimneye Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair a call and get on our calendar before the weather starts to get cold and you want to use your fireplace.

Why is an Annual Cleaning Important

An annual chimney sweeping is one of the most important jobs you can have done when it comes to keeping your family safe. One way we can help accomplish safe, healthy fire-burning all winter long is by making sure that there are no blockages in your chimney. During the course of the summer, birds or other animals may adopt your chimney as the perfect spot to raise their babies. If this happens and the nest gets left behind, it is just drying up in your chimney, waiting for one stray spark to hit it so it can start a chimney fire.

Another thing that we?ll be looking for ties right in with the drying nest and chimney fire situation. We?ll want to make sure that there isn?t a significant amount of creosote?built up in your chimney because that could contribute to the intensity of a chimney fire. Creosote is the gunk that condenses in your chimney as the smoke travels through, and it is highly flammable. If there?s a build-up of even as little as an eighth of an inch, it can easily cause a chimney fire to take place. And if there?s a dried nest or other debris already in your chimney, this can cause a serious, property-threatening situation to occur.


We?ll also be looking for any repairs that may be necessary for your chimney. Maybe your mortar is weak or crumbly, or the dampers are rusted. It could be that the chimney liner is cracked, or the chimney cap is dented or rusty. These are just a few of the things that might need to be repaired. Repair work, especially to the mortar of the chimney, is best done when the weather is warm. This is a good reason to call now before the weather gets cold and it?s more difficult for our workers to be outside and the cold weather causes your mortar to not set up properly.

Beat the Rush

Because cooler weather is just around the corner, people are starting to think about getting all these jobs done. Beat the rush and give Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair?a call today, before everyone calls and wants to get an appointment set up. We want you to have an appointment that works for your convenience, so call soon!