Schedule Chimney Masonry before Fall

Chimney Masonry is something to consider when Fall is just around the corner. That means cooler weather, colored leaves, football games, and tailgating! Before the weather changes, there’s something else that should be taken care of, however, and that’s man inspecting chimney on roofmaking sure that your chimney is in excellent condition before it’s time to start using the fireplace in that cool autumn weather. That’s the reason that you should give Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair a call now before it starts to cool down. Also, many people wait until the last minute to schedule their annual inspection and sweeping, so if you call now, you’ll beat the fall rush for appointments.

Simple Inspection

There are several things we’ll be looking for when we do your annual inspection. The first thing we’ll look for is any type of blockage or soot or other gunky buildups. Sometimes birds, squirrels, or other animals can get in and use your chimney to build a nest and raise a family. When they leave, the nest stays behind and dries out, and that dry nest is the perfect kindling for a chimney fire. We’ll check out the state of the different components of your chimney, such as the chimney cap. The chimney cap performs the function of keeping animals and other debris out of your chimney while allowing smoke to exit, so it’s important that it is in great shape. We’ll check out all the key components, like the flashing, the chimney liner, and the damper system to make sure that they’re working correctly.

We’ll also make sure that all the soot and creosote is cleaned out of your chimney. Creosote, which is the natural byproduct of smoke, forms on the interior of your chimney, and this is a problem for several reasons. First, it smells nasty. It is also highly flammable, and even as little as an eighth of an inch of coverage can easily catch a stray spark or ember and cause a chimney fire.

Chimney Masonry Repairs

Another thing we’ll be looking for is needed repair work. We?ll make sure that the mortar and bricks of the chimney are in good condition. If the mortar is crumbly and worn, we?ll perform tuck pointing, which is taking out the old mortar and replacing it with fresh, strong mortar. If we discover that more repair work needs to be completed, summer is the best time to get those repairs done because mortar applies and dries better when the temperatures are warm.

Certified Workers

When you’re thinking about hiring someone to do a service, whether it’s a health issue, car repair, or a tutor for your child, you check out their certifications. That’s why Jiminy Chimney Masonry and Repair is the company to call. Our technicians are CSIA certified as well as being members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild. Being members of these organizations means that we have access to and participate in the highest level of education and training in the industry. We only offer the best service because we want our customers to be 100% satisfied, safe, and healthy throughout the fire-burning season. Give us a call before the cool weather hits!